More Free Time Better Life

Firstly people who can afford domestic help are on good money, so they have choices, and it’s that freedom to choose which makes you happy.

Secondly you can’t hire people if you’re on a zero hours contract because you can’t be sure you’ll be able to pay them, and it’s that job security which brings happiness.Being in secure well paid employment brings happiness, whatever you decide to spend it on. I find sleeping in the best weighted blanket money can buy brings me happiness, that said.

Money does not buy you happiness but try living life with no money. People who have money and pay others are giving back because they are paying them to do a service.

Those who have the money to do this also have more time to be with family or choose to spend their time with people, family and kids and that is more priceless than having a full time job but are still broke and have to do your own chores because you can’t afford to pay someone to do it and use that time for something else.

The research was conducted on people with the same wealth. The article is saying that those who choose to spend it on time rather than material things are happier. 

I can vouch for this. I used to work 12/13 hour days. I believed myself happy, and I was. But then my husband and I decided to quit our jobs and take a leap at starting a company. That was 30 months ago.

Quitting our jobs and having all this free time is extraordinarily good for our wellbeing. We didn’t even notice how stressed we were at work. Just took it as “normal”. Well, it was the norm. The company is a success and requires very little work. We do what we want, when we want. Even went on a two month trip to Japan. 

Time (and freedom) is the precious thing. We have learned this very sharply indeed.

No Exterminator Just Human

We get rid of ants and roaches here in Georgia by throwing down generous amounts of corn meal. Leave it for a few days. They scurry back to the mound and feed the Queen and since ants can’t digest the cornmeal she dies.

Then they disappear. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks but eventually they all die. There you go. Cheap, nontoxic to animals and humans too!

Roaches on the other hand are a little more tricky.

We dusted the outside perimeter with D.E. food grade, tricky little suckers used “sappers” to make a hole, we been breached! They became battle harden over the years, evolved with thicker shells and jump to avoid death! Thinking the exterminator can get rid of them, we shall proceed without an exterminator and get rid of them all.

When people get exterminators for bees and wasp they are just there to clear them out they don’t have to kill them all. But for pests like moles, you’ll have to use mole traps and get rid of them all.

They just need them out of that space so if some fly away that’s fine the exterminator will make sure they can’t come back to the same spot or even the same yard with the work they do.

I’m sure the time of day wouldn’t have changed how pissed they are that somebody is moving them

Super Charger or Turbo System?

It’s all about turbo sizing and the complexity of doing a turbo system on a V8. If you use small turbos, lets say a pair of Garrett GTX2871 with a .48ar turbine housing on moderate boost you may see somewhere like 650-700 hp from a LS1 engine and torque should be around considerably higher and from a much lower RPM(about 1200 rpm). Manufacturers have to look at power to weight ratios of their vehicles as well as fuel consumption.

Is far as supercharging its way simpler than turbocharging to install and tune from a factory prospective. No need to change exhaust manigold and the evhaust system dramatically, which saves money. You also maintain a N/A like power band and engine response.

There is not really sucj a thing as turbo lag either it all depends on how eell the turbo is sized for the application. On a good sized turbo configuration you can produce max boost pressure at lets say 2200-2500rpm which aids torque production. Compared to a supercharged application where your max boost is produced at the maximum engine RPM because the blower has a directly coupled to engine RPM.

There are a fair bit of turbo american car models. But usually on smaller engines.

The reason you see superchargers on things like mustangs and camaros is because they are usually roots style blowers and are simple. On V engines they can usually put them in the valley of the V so they dont take up a ton more space and theres no ducting, intercoolers etc. They also provide instant boost and more predictable/linear power gains across the rpm band.

Because you have large v engines, which automatically make a lot more torque compared to europeans/japan. And because superchargers take away about 40% engine power in order to make more, try taking 40% away from a 1.8L.

Drilled And Slotted Rotors

The whole point in drilled or slotted rotors is to reduce gassing caused by brake pads. Getting either slotted or drilled is fine, but getting both is just pointless because it doesn’t change it that much. So if you want these discs juat choose one, not both because youll just be wasting your money for both. Or go with blank ones those are always good

Drilled and slotted rotors we’re designed when the compounds in brake pads off gassed, almost all new pads do not off gas making dilled and slotted pointless, more steel on blanks will distribute heat and displace it the best, also newer material does bed to rotors still, even tho some pad manufactures will claim no or barely, squeaky cermic pads? bed them in, no more noises, except of course the decibal increase from the hardness of the ceramic pad

DieselGate Buy Backs From VW

My 2013 was on steelies and winter tires. Had an irreparable flat last fall on summers, so switched to winters and drove on those until my return a few weeks ago.

Ricepoint rep at the dealer asked me a couple of times if I had the original rims. I said no. He said it shouldn’t be a problem. He was actually great.

The problem came when he uploaded photos of the car to Ricepoint. I was put on the phone and asked about the rims, if I had them. I told them I didn’t. I was then told it was considered stripping the car and that I would have to wait up to 72 hours for a decision. I was taking the trade-in option and picking up a new VW at the dealer, insurance and plate switch transfer for that day already arranged. To add to it, I was flying out of town the next day for a week. Ricepoint appointments are only once a week at this dealer so it would be at least 2 weeks for another.

Nobody was happy, including the local Ricepoint rep (he wasn’t a problem). We tried escalating the decision to get it done. Ricepoint on the phone said the delay was because VW needed to make a decision, which was complete bullshit. It was Ricepoint’s decision. If it was VW, why would they get picky about the used rims, esp when they were about to keep a VW customer, despite their scandal, with a new sale.

In the end, the ‘decision’ was made after about 2 hours with no penalty, just frustration.

Doug Ford Cancels Electric Car Rebate

I thought he said the cancelling of the Carbon Tax was going to pay for the .10c gas reduction? But he cant do that now because of the very expensive court challenge against the Fed Gov as well as being sued by all the industries that had to buy credits. that’ll cost us hundreds of millions.
Maybe the money will come from the (Firing lol) of Hydro One board?

No not there, he said the Hydros six million dollar man will leave with just a $400000 package lol but that was another piece of Premier Incompetence. That Six Million Dollar Man is now due $9 million dollar apon retirement.

So far he cost us more then if those two programs where left in place.